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Premier Clean South Africa

Sole importer and distributor of Ducted Vacuum Systems and Accessories in South Africa

Few things are more frustrating than an ineffective vacuum cleaner. Despite its loud wheezing, poor vacuums leave behind crumbs, hairs, dirt and other debris no matter how many times you push it back and forth.

Instead of struggling through your household cleaning, why not opt for power and convenience?

At Premier Clean you can find a variety of ducted vacuum systems, hose sets, and accessories for ducted vacuums so you can make the most out of your system. Each of our superior models provide quiet and efficient cleaning, so you and your family can stay healthier.

Why choose a Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum?


  • Over 25 years experience manufacturing and designing ducted vacuums in Australia.
  • Our ducted vacuums come with a warranty of up to 5 years.
  • Powerful, efficient and quiet
  • High performance
  • Reliability
  • More choice

Ducted Vacuum Systems

Simple and easy to use, a Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum System is the most convenient, efficient and quiet method for cleaning your home.

Hide a Hose

The Retraflex Hide a Hose system is the new revolutionary design to Hide a Hose in your wall, open the inlet, pull out the hose from the wall and start your vacuuming, when finished, release the hose lock and the hose disappears into the wall – it’s that simple.


Accessories for your ducted vacuum system from floor tools to use on carpets, tiles or wood to brushes, bags and hoses.  We supply all you need.

Why Ducted Vacuums

Ducted vacuum cleaners are affordable, safe and user-friendly. Our ducted vacuum systems cost little more than a conventional cleaner and ensure a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Dust and mould are significant causes of allergies, which can also be associated with the use of conventional vacuum cleaners, infrequent emptying of vacuum cleaning bags and poor cleaning. Using a ducted vacuum system eliminates recirculated dust, dirt and odours from your home.

Our ducted vacuum systems allow for easy and thorough dust removal, quickly filtering away dirt to the stationary vacuum unit.

Cleaning Types and Accessories

We offer several ducted vacuum options including models with bags or new bagless ducted vacuum systems. These powerful machines will clean better and last longer, especially if you invest in the quality attachments. We care about providing superior service and reliable vacuum systems, so each model has a 5 year warranty.

Don’t like clutter? Opt for our hide-a-hose retractable hose system. This allows you to keep the in-wall vacuum hoses hidden away for safe and neat storage. Visit our accessories page and you will find attachments you can use to create the best central vacuum system for your home.