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Deco Valves

Deco Inlet Valves are the finishing touch for your home.  Stylish and available in a wide range of colours to suit your home.

Easily adjustable, the Deco Inlet is available in a wide array of finishes and colours to match your home decor. A designer look, of undeniable quality.


The VacPan is installed flush-mounted to a wall or cabinet kickboard, and only turns on when you activate it. Sweep dirt over to the VacPan inlet, direct the kick switch to the “on” position with your foot, sweep the dirt and debris towards the powerful suction (powered by your ducted vacuum unit), and watch the dirt disappear.

When you’re done, use your foot to close the valve and turn off the suction power. VacPan is the perfect complement to any central vac system. Available in White, Black, Almond and Brushed Stainless Steel finish.


The VacuSweep Inlet Valve makes it easy for debris and dirt to be quickly swept and removed from non-carpeted surfaces.

For use in any sweepable area in either a residential or commercial environment, the VacuSweep Inlet Valve is available in white, almond, black and silver finish.